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To some people, hunting might be a hobby, a pastime, or possibly just a way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. For some others, hunting can be a passion, almost a religion or a way of life. I fit into the second category. Hunting is the driving force that motivates me to endure the pressures and hassles of everyday life. I've spent most of my life involved in hunting, shooting, or with the industries that support these activities.

Wasson Hunting Services: I have now returned from my work in Iraq, but have decided to discontinue my services as a hunting consultant. I still offer a great interactive hunting support center with my forums at the Big Game Hunting Forums and this page remains the gateway to my personal site. Please feel free to visit both.

The Big Game Hunting Forums: A place where hunters and shooters can discuss hunting issues, ask for advice, show off their successful hunts, share their hunting stories, post pictures, and so much more. I have invested a lot of time constructing this site and I believe it is one of the best discussion message boards on the net. We have a large staff and we believe a messageboard experience should be enjoyable. We try to maintain a friendly, down to earth atmosphere, and we have a large staff in order to function smoothly.

John's Hunting Pages: This is my personal website. Within these pages you will find pictures with notations, a short summary of my background, my hunting achievements, record book trophies, pictures of my trophy room, and some firearms pages as well. Stop by for a visit and sign my guestbook.

Results from England!

You will find more pictures and some general information in John's Hunting Pages, as well as some discussions concerning the hunt in The Big Game Hunting Forums.

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