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I was fortunate enough to be invited to hunt in Victoria, Australia several years ago, but could never afford to make the trip. Finally, after taking a job as a Army Contractor in Iraq, I was able to make the trip to Australia in October of 2005.

First was obtaining the proper Temporary Firearms Permit required by the Victorian Police Department. Let me tell you, this was a difficult task as I was living in Southern Iraq at the time. With the help of an extremely friendly and helpful member of the Police Support Services in Victoria, I finally got everything in order and the trip was planned.

Here I am with my two mates, John G.(R) and George R.(L) at one of the Sambar camps in the high country of Victoria!

Here's the first camp we hunted from. we hunted Sambar deer but I never saw one. My mates saw a couple of hinds, but no stags were to be found. After a couple of days, we relocated to another area to give it a go once more.

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