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Safari Club International

I started hunting big game at 13 years of age. My first rifle was a Winchester M94 chambered for 30-30 Win. I first learned the basics by hunting Desert Mule Deer in SW New Mexico with my dad. I added Elk to my list within a couple of years with a borrowed 30-06. I didn't get a larger caliber rifle until my dad gave me a new Remington M742 chambered fro 30-06 for Christmas when I was 20 years old. I am a lefty, and we were unfamiliar with left handed firearms at that time. The auto seemed like a logical answer to the problem and I took a fair number of Mulies with it. Eventually I started accumulating various left-handed rifles and I expanded my hunting to include many new species.

In 1985, I was a co-founder of "The Desert Trophy Hunters Club" in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I served as President for the first two years of the club's existance. I then served as Vice-President for a term and Secretary for a term. In 1990, I again a term as President. During these terms of office, I became familiarized with the politics involved in the hunting industry, and was introduced to many new big game species.

I began working as an Outfitter in New Mexico in 1992, and operated for seven years as "J&J Great Outdoors". I specialized in Desert Mule Deer and Pronghorn for the most part. During that same time frame, I became an Official Trophy Measurer for SCI. I also recieved my FFL and started selling firearms and equipment from my home. I completed training and started custom rifle work. My specialty was Custom Hunting Rifle Stocks. I turned my FFl back to BATF and quit selling firearms and equipment. I continue to build rifle stocks for my family members and friends. I consider it a hobby now. After my seven year Outfitting carreer, I continued to carry a New Mexico guide regestration in order to help Outfitters in the area with my guiding experience. I decided to discontinue my services in 2001.

I have 25 record book entries consisting of 18 species in the SCI record book at this time, 2 of which are also listed in the Boone & Crockett Club's 22nd Big Game Awards, one listed in the Boone & Crockett Club's All Time Record Book, and one is listed in the Records Of Exotics.

I have the following SCI awards;

Top Ten Inner Circle Award--Copper Level 1994

Top Ten Inner Circle Award--Bronze Level 1995

Hunting Achievement Award--Copper Level 1997

Introduced Trophy Animals of N. America--Copper Level 1999

Ibex of the World Inner Circle Award--Copper Level 1999

2000-2001 Major Award--9th Place Muzzleloader 2002

Introduced Trophy Animals of N. America--Bronze Level 2003

Grand Slam North American Deer 2010

Wild Goats of the World Inner Circle Award--Copper Level 2011


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