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I was sitting in a tent on a Desert Mule deer hunt in New Mexico talking with Tim Farren of Farren Global Adventures and the conversation turned to hunting Caribou in Canada. I had just completed the last deer hunt for the season and was eager to try something new, so the plans were made to make the hunt in 2000.

The idea was to try to book an entire hunting camp with Club Chambeaux. This would mean we needed twelve hunters to fill the hunt. I immediately set out to see what I could do. My father, both of my sons, my brother-in-law and several of my good friends decided to join me along with some of their friends. Tim Farren also agreed to join us. By the time we finished, there was actually thirteen of us ready to go. Club Chambeaux agreed to allow the extra hunter so plans were set.

We flew into Montreal, Quebec and from there flew to Schefferville to meet up with the friendly people from Club Chambeaux. This is where we would board our float planes to the first hunting area.

The picture above shows them loading our gear into an Otter floatplane.

We hunted the first hunting area for three days and never saw an animal. The fishing was good for Lake Trout though!

Club Chambeaux then sent three beavers to pick us up and relocate us to another area. One of the Beaver floatplanes is shown above as it taxied up to the dock to pick us up.

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