25-06 Ackley Improved Loading Data

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Extreme caution should be used, Please read!
The loads listed below were tested and fired through my LH Remington M700 with a Shillen stainless steel barrel cut to a length of 25.25 inches. These velocities were taken prior to the barrel being ported. These were fired using Remington Nickel Plated brass that was fireformed to fit the chamber. CCI Large Rifle Primers were used in all of the tests. A certain amount of caution must be exercised when using this data. I've found that there is a considerable difference between cases of different manufacturers and lot numbers. As I found out later, these nickel plated cases had more capacity than any brass cases that I've fireformed since that time. These maximum loadings would not be at safe pressure levels in the solid brass cases that I tested. You must start out well below these maximum loads and work your way up gradually. I have no control over anyone's reloading practices and I will not be held liable or responsible for any accidents that could incur from using this data. These are only to be used as a guideline and worked up to gradually. I found that fireforming nickel plated brass was difficult and had to cull many cases due to ruptures or splits even though every case was annealed prior to the fireforming process. I would highly suggest that you use solid brass cases to form the 25-06 AI case.
Also, it must be noted that there are differences in chamber dimensions in rifles chambered for this caliber. The data listed here may not be at safe operating pressures in all rifles. Please only use this data only as a reference and start at the starting load and work your loads up cautiously and carefully.

load # powder charge bullet weight velocity Pressure Comments
1 IMR 7828 58g Nosler Ballistic Tip 115g 3110fps Low My first starting load
2 IMR 7828 59g Nosler Ballistic Tip 115g 3221fps Low Low-Med. Pressure
3 IMR 7828 60g Nosler Ballistic Tip 115g 3279fps Medium Accuracy getting better
4 IMR 7828 60.5g Nosler Ballistic Tip 115g 3327fps Medium Good accuracy
5 IMR 7828 61g Nosler Ballistic Tip 115g 3392fps High Maximum .385" group
5 Reloader 22 58g Nosler Ballistic Tip 115g 3214fps High Maximum .52" group
7 IMR 7828 61g Nosler Partition 115g 3378fps High Good accuracy
8 IMR 7828 61.5g Nosler Partition 115g 3412fps High Maximum .42" group