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While working in Iraq, I decided to make one of my R&Rs to Europe and try a little big game hunting. I finally decided that England would be a good place to start. I contacted Michael Roberts of Countrysports and we set up the hunt for September 2006.

The flight to Heathrow was no problem and I was met by Michael H. at the airport he was to be my guide. One hell of a nice guy and we hit it off really well from the start. We drove out of London towards the area we would be hunting and met up with Peter. He would be helping as well. another great guy that I truly enjoyed. We had a well needed coffee and were off to meet with yet another fellow who would be helping out by the name of Robin. He was great and showed me some awesome Red Deer antlers, then we were off to get me settled in at a bed & breakfast and then to check out the rifles they had brought for me to try out. I finally decided on using a beautiful little Sauer 202 chambered for 308 that belonged to Peter. It shot well and handled wonderfully.

Here's a picture of the front of the bed and breakfast where I stayed while stalking for deer.

Once I checked the zero on the rifle, we set out for a look about to see if we could spot a Muntjac. This was one of my first views of the are where we would be hunting. A huge difference in landscape from the desert sand in Iraq!

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