This rifle started out as an old military Mauser 98 chambered for the 8X57 Mauser cartridge. I felt that the 257 Roberts was a natural choice for the project, since it is basically the same case necked down to 25 cal. I started by completely stripping the action down to individual parts and I started over. I built this rifle for my wife, attempting to use the classic European express rifle design. These pictures show the end result.

Here is a close up of the butstock. It's stocked in XXFancy European Walnut. The medallion is a solid silver unicorn. My wife is partial to unicorns so I felt it was fitting.

(right)The nicely curved bolt handle was installed by E.R. Shaw, while I did the modification to the safety myself. I also modified the extractor to chamber on a live round without having to cycle it from the magazine. This is a function that the 98 Mausers will not normally do.

This is the underside of the fore end of the stock. Unfortunately the depth and precision of the checkering isn't as clear as I would like. Notice that the 22 lpi checkering is actually hearts fitted as if to form ribbons in between them. You will also notice that the fore end tip is made of real ebony.